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If you are worried about someone breaking into your facebook account…there is 2 factor authentication for your facebook account.

Setting it up is simple…i did it on Firefox. Chrome wouldn’t let me do it for some reason.

I like the code generator. If you try logging in on the web, you can use your mobile device to authenticate you without having to enter in any code.

The pic shows where you enable it…just get into settings and you will see where the “Security” > “Login Approvals” screens are.

Enabling 2fa with getting a text on your phone is not as secure as say the “google authentication” app or using “code generator” because all someone needs is your phone number to receive texts or listen to your phone calls without you knowing.

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If you have an iPhone and there is no sound coming out of the phone speakers when watching video or listening to music…

The fix is to get a toothbrush with rubbing alcohol to brush the bottom charging connector a few times…dry it off then connect the charger to the phone a few times.

Make sure to turn the phone off before you do this or you will fry the phone.

This apples to all versions of iPhones.

“Reason this happens is the phone thinks it is docked. When phone is docked, phone speakers are disabled.”

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Let’s say you delete something from your iphone and you cant get it back. Pisses you off to no end…

There’s a program called Dr Tome for IOS that recovers data from the ios device.

You have to install itunes for the program to work. Once that done, it scans the phone for deleted stuff then you see the info pop up.