Bitcoin Split – What It Means To You

On August 1st 2017, bitcoin split into 2 coins…

The first being bitcoin (btc) itself…and the second being bitcoincash (bch).

Lets say you have 5 bitcoin on or before July 31st 2017…

On August 1st…bitcoin split…so now you have 5 btc and 5 bch…

How you claim the free bch is by going to an exchange that accepts bch like bitrex or kraken.

Or if you have a trezor or ledger hardware wallet…plug your wallet in and see your new coins.

If you have a bitcoin paper wallet, you must have the private key to claim your new bch. Just have to import the private key to the exchange then a bch address will be created for you.

Image below shows where you can claim your new bitcoin cash as of today, August 2nd, 2017.

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